Tom Veitch Death – American Writer passed away at the age of 80, Cause of Death

Tom Veitch Death – American Writer passed away at the age of 80, Cause of Death: An American writer and the brother of comics writer Rick Veitch, Tom Veitch’s cause of death has been followed by many questions since he passed away on February 18, 2022, at the age of 80.

May he rest in peace. 🕊

The heartbreaking news was confirmed by Wookieepedia in a statement, writing, “Today we have sad news to report. Tom Veitch, author of Dark Empire and Tales of the Jedi, has passed away.”

The statement added, “His stories explored new and exciting areas of the Star Wars universe, and he will be greatly missed. We offer our deepest condolences to his family and friends.”

Veitch was a contributor to the underground comix movement of the early 1970s. His collaborations with underground comix artist Greg Irons included such titles as Legion of Charlies, Deviant Slice, and contributions to many other underground comix, such as Skull Comix, and Slow Death Funnies.

Creator-owned comics by Veitch include The Light and Darkness War with artist Cam Kennedy, published by Marvel Comics and Titan Books, and The Nazz with artist Bryan Talbot, Clash with artist Adam Kubert, and My Name Is Chaos with artist John Ridgway, each published by DC Comics.

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Also for DC Comics, he wrote Animal Man No. 33–50 with art by Steve Dillon, Tom Mandrake, Dick Giordano, David G.Klein, Mark Badger, Brett Ewins, Jim McCarthy, and Steve Pugh, as well as two Elseworlds series, Kamandi: At Earth’s End and Superman: At Earth’s End.

He is remembered for initiating the Dark Horse Comics line of Star Wars comic books, with Dark Empire and Tales of the Jedi.

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Fans Ask about Jack Smethurst’s Cause of Death

Although there is no detailed report about Jack Smethurst’s cause of death at this time, official sources mentioned that he probably lost his life because of natural causes!

Our team does not confirm any rumors; we are trying our best to find related information about the tragedy and provide the latest updates as soon as possible; family privacy should be respected news is a difficult time.

Famous celebrities’ death news always break many hearts; however, fans remember memories, and their idols are alive in their mind even after death.

Here we collected some of his friends, fans, and loved ones’ reactions to the news, including the heart-touching tributes they posted on social media.

A fan said, “Today, with a heavy heart, we announce the passing of Tom Veitch. While Tom will be remembered for many impressive accomplishments in his career, how many writers can say that they inserted themselves into a story and lost to Animal Man in a fistfight?”

Another wrote, “RIP Tom Veitch. Much respect to “the weirder Veitch brother” (quite an accomplishment!) who’s writing was almost always thorny and gonzo in equal measure. Great taste in collaborators, too—Light & Darkness War, SW: Dark Empire and The Nazz are all bangers.”

A fan tweeted, “Incredibly sad to hear about the passing of Tom Veitch. The Light and Darkness War set the bar for contemporary war comics in my mind, and his take on Star Wars showed that flipping off source material really CAN create something richer and more fun.”

Another penned, “#RIP Tom Veitch. For those who may not know, Tom Veitch was the writer behind Dark Empire, the story about Palpatine’s Resurrection. He will be missed. He is one with the Force now.”

Veitch’s novels like The Luis Armed Story (Full Court Press, 1978); Eat This! (Angel Hair Books, 1974); and Antlers in the Treetops, written with poet Ron Padgett (Coach House Press, 1970).

His poetry collection Death College and Other Poems, with an afterword by Allen Ginsberg, was published in 1976 by Bill Berkson’s Big Sky Books.

During his years as a Benedictine monk, Veitch formed friendships with two ex-Trappists. One of those men, whose religious name was Elias, agreed to be interviewed by Tom and discuss his inner spiritual life, covering a period of more than fifty years.

The result was the book The Visions of Elias, published in 2016 by Sky River Books.

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