Tracy Lawson dead and obituary, Andy Lawson murder and cause of death

The driver who died at the Ulster Grand Prix on Saturday was Andy Lawson.

The 24-year-old, from Arbroath, Scotland, was killed during his second Supersport race at Dundrod in County Antrim.

Once upon a time, Tracy Lawson was an imaginative little girl obsessed with storytelling. Her interest in dance, theater, and other forms of fiction led to a 25-year career in the performing arts, where “work” meant she could do things like tap dancing and choreographing musicals.

Although teaching dance and choreographic performance is a great outlet for her creativity and boundless energy, Tracy has never lost her desire to write. With her only child going to college and her husband’s simultaneous international job transfer, she seemed to have found the perfect time to divert her attention. She maintains a connection to educational theater by returning to the Bexley City School in Columbus, Ohio to choreograph several shows each year so she can continue to develop students and share her passion for putting on great shows.

The Cincinnati native now has an award-winning nonfiction history book, Fips, Bots, Doggeries, and More: Exploring Henry Rogers’ 1838 Travel Magazine from Southwest Ohio to New York City (McDonald’s & Woodward, 2012 ), based on writings about her great-great-great-grandfather. Published in 2017, Pride of the Valley, a companion book series for Fips, Bots, Doggeries, and more.

With the July 18, 2017 release of Revolt, Tracy’s award-winning YA dystopian resistance series is now complete. Fight Back, Resist, Ignite, and Defiance chronicles the adventures of Tommy and Karin, two teens who meet during a terrorist attack and uncover a plot that could destroy their country.

Her two most recent works are historical novels. The protagonist in The Red Thread (2021), co-authored with Rebekah Pace, is a Holocaust survivor who, after living an unfulfilled life, reconnects in a dream with his lost sweetheart, convinced she is still alive—and Embark on an epic journey to find her.

Answering the Call to Freedom (2021) is set in the winter of 1778 and is based on the life events of Tracy’s 6 great-grandparents. When Anna Stone heard that the poverty of Valley Forge threatened her soldier husband and brother, she set out on horseback with supplies. Along the way, she became involved in a plot to remove General Washington from the post of commander-in-chief and risked her life carrying a message to warn the general.

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