Travis Scott and kylie Jenner cheating video trending on Social Media

Travis Scott kylie and travis are trending on the internet at this time. lately one of her vids has been trending and people on the internet have gone crazy to get the link and watch the video for they’re searching about her on theweb.

In this Article we will talk about her particular details and her trending video.

Who is Travis Scott and Kylie Jenner?

Jacques Bermon Webster Jr( born April 30, 1991), known professionally as Travis Scott, is an American rapper, songster, and record patron.

His stage name comes from the first name of his uncle and the real first name of spratCudi.Born in Houston, Texas, Scott began making music as a teenager.

He dropped out of council to move to New York and also Los Angeles and pursue music, where he met rapperT.I. and was latterly hired as a patron by Kanye West’s record marker GoodMusic.

Travis Scott has broken his silence about his recent split with Kylie Jenner in an trouble to shut down rumors that he cheated on the reality star.

Travis Scott trending video-

Kylie Jenner is one of the most influential and successful entrepreneurs in the world. She came the youthful billionaire according to Forbes and all thanks to her makeup brand ‘ Kylie Cosmetics ’ which she has been nurturing over theyears.

Yesterday, the princess turned 25 and moment we bring you a fogy to the time when Jenner allegedly hooked up with rapper Drake behind swain Travis Scott’s back.

Scroll below to read thescoop.Kylie happens to be Kim Kardashian’s youthful family and is super popular on Instagram with over 365 million followers onInstagram.

Talking about the rumoured infidelity reproach, it was actually Tristan Thompson’s third baby mute Maralee Nichols who exposed Kylie’s contended association with the Canadianrapper.

Maralee took to her Instagram stories and also spoke about her relationship with the NBA star and wrote, “ You said that you planned to leave Chlo it was n’t working and has n’t been for times and you were retiring from the NBA after this time and planned to leave Cali ”.

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