Turkish Medical Student Enes Kara Suicide Video Viral On Social Media

Nowadays, plenty of viral video incidents are coming to the fore and almost every time it remains a hot discussion among everyone, but not every time these incidents lead the explicit content. Sometimes this kind of incident contains such a worst news as well something similar is recently reported on social media and left everyone in shock. As the video of the Turkish boy Enes Kara is getting circulated all over social networking sites, in which he is clearly appearing while attempting suicide in such a manner to end up his life, so below you could get everything you need to know.

Turkish Medical Student Enes Kara Suicide Video Viral On Social Media

As per the exclusive reports or sources, the victim is identified as 20-years-old Enes Kara and his action has fetched the entire limelight towards him, because yet no information regarding his current health circumstances came to the fore, which is remaining he matter of great thinking about those who know him personally. But besides this, everyone is keen to get the reason behind his step that what happened to him because of which, he had to take such step. Because in the viral video is it clearly appearing that something was bothering him and forcing him to attempt it.

Medical Student Enes Kara Suicide Video

It is being reported, that he is pursuing the second year of his college at Elagiz Firat University, and count in the list of bright students of medical science. But his step to attempt suicide made everyone shattered enough because no one had supposed that he was going to take such decisions to end up his life. The video is containing such a horrific scene as he was standing on the roof of the eighth floor and jumped from there, so that, he could get rid of his life, whoever is getting familiarized with the viral video their shocking reactions are coming out.

If further reports are to be considered, no medical information came yet that could indicate his current health circumstances. Besides having the suicide video no one knows that he is dead or still, alive as no information has been unleashed by the medical team. Therefore, all his friends are looking ahead to get more pieces of vital details, even a suicide note is taken into custody by the concerned department but yet they did not unveil what is in the note. So when something will spot we would make you familiar for sure, so stay tuned with us.

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