Tyrese Gibson mom Priscilla Murray Gibson is dead, Cause Of Death?

Tyrese Gibson is praying for a miracle for her mother battling COVID-19 and pneumonia. He asked his fans to pray for his family and revealed his mother Priscilla Murray was in a coma in the intensive care unit.

As per the post uploaded by the actor on his Instagram account, his mother was in a coma for several days before leaving her family and son behind on this planet. Tyrese Gibson wrote on social media to express his grief “My dear valentine just died and on behalf of my family and every person who ever paid any moment praying for my mum, this is the most heartbreaking point of my life, May God and his angels lead her to reside in the heaven and embrace her and May the Lord Jesus Christ keep your walk with him and welcome you into the paradises”

“It breaks my heart that the doctor sits in this chair and tells me there is little other way to turn things around,” he wrote Wednesday in a photo of the hospital hallway.

He broke the news for the first time over the weekend, explaining to his fans that she couldn’t breathe or even eat by herself. Gibson wrote: “I need you to pray the warriors’ most sincere prayers…waiting for Mom, I’ll be by your side in a few days.”

Unfortunately, he was only able to spend 30 minutes with her in her room at a time, but gave her encouragement the last time he saw her.

“Thank you, thank you for all your prayers. Every breath counts,” he said on Instagram. “I owe you. Let’s just hope she can get out of this bed. Let’s hope she can walk again. Let her talk again. I’ve got a lot to do, Mom.”

We wish his dear mother all the best and pray that she will make it through. The scary thing is that he can only be there for 30 minutes at a time. Good luck to Gibson and Pricilla, we know you can do it. As a devout believer, Gibson once said that “nothing was impossible for him (Jesus).” If you’re a believer, or even if you’re not, pray for his mother, she could really use some now.

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