Udaariyaan 10th March 2022 Episode Dara Reveals Jasmine’s Truth Written Update

Hello, all the daily soap lovers, your favorite TV show Udaariyaan is ready to make your day overwhelming enough through the 10th March 2022 episode, where you will watch that Jasmine is getting recover gradually as the medical team is doing their best to make her stand from the bed, but the twist arrives when the entry of Dara occurs and left everyone in deep shock along with Jasmine because only he knows the exact truth behind her exploits. Therefore, she is getting worried because if once her truth wil expose then no one will forgive her.

Udaariyaan 10th March 2022

Meanwhile, Tejo identified Dara while seeing his ring because something similar has already watched by her through those photos which she captured when Jasmine was giving the money to the person. Hence, she stops Dara and says that she wants to asks him something but he tries to escape from the hospital. But spontaneously Tejo threats him to call police if he does not stop on her command, after hearing her statement Dara stops and says that he is ready to reply her. Then Tejo starts interogating him by asking for those things which asmine has done previously against Amrik through him.

Udaariyaan 10-3-2022

At the same time, he unleashes everything by saying that Jasmine was ythe one who hired him for executing her plan while coming in front of Amrik’s car. Further he mentions that she created a lame death certificate of him as well, to prove him guilty and therefore, Amrik is serving the sentenced behind the bars. Tejo gets shocked to hear his testimony and thinks that at what extent Jasmine could fall under the rage of her revenge which is inappropriate enough and does not require any forgiveness, but due to her health condition she is helpless to do anything against her.

In the previous episode as the audience have streamed, that Angad Maan also unleashed everything but Amrik took over all those accusations on his name because somewhere he is blaming himself for becoming the cause of somebody’s unexpected demise. Therefore, but Angad Maan tries to make him understand that he did not have any fault in all these, soo there is sno need to save Jasmine. But Amrik expresses his rage towards him by saying that if he does not know anything then he does not have a right to say anything, so do not miss streaming it on Colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us

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