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Udaariyaan 14th December 2021 Episode Written Update Fateh Gets Shot By Goons?


The 14th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be overwhelming enough that will make you shock as well, because after a while, finally, Angad Maan’s real face is about to be revealed in front of Tejo. Hitherto she is acquainted with his fake side which he shows to everyone as a nice guy. But someone is hiding behind this sweet face which has the ability to destroy anyone else, It is being speculated that Tejo will definitely be amazed to see him in such an avatar because she never ever expected that one day she will hit with it.

Udaariyaan 14th December 2021

At the same time, Tejo comes to know the reality behind Angad and Riya’s bond that Angad Maan is not her real father, he is just helping her in upbringing. But as soon as she gets familiar plenty of questions surrounded her as well, because how could it be possible that someone is taking care of a child with whom he does not have any relation. But spontaneously, she decides to figure out everything because something is not right with them, and therefore, she will have to find out the exact truth that what is going on between the two.

Udaariyaan Written Update

On the other hand, Fateh is stuck on the petrol pump as a few goons have surrounded him as they want to loot the entire revenue of the petrol pump, but Fateh is not let them loot at any cost no matter what happens. Hence, they warn him that he should step back because they do have any enmity with him, so it will be better if he goes back. But Fateh mentions that he will not step back, as he is working here and does not let anyone create blunder here, hence those goons bring out the gun and points him.

Meanwhile, Jasmine comes to a man and makes an alliance with him as she needs to get financial support in this time when no one is with her. That anonymous man promises her that no matter what happens but he will not leave her hand. Inwardly, Jasmine says that finally, she git some who will help her in her revenge, and takes a pledge that now no one will be able to make Fateh save now along with Tejo. So finally Jasmine is ready to execute her plans against the both to make their life hell, as she eagerly makes them destroy.

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