Udaariyaan, 15th February 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmine Arrested

Udaariyaan, 15th February 2022, Written Episode Update: Jasmine Arrested: Today’s episode begins with Rupi he is cursing Jasmine saying that she won’t get happiness in her life. Jasmine leaves from there. Tejo asks her father to calm down. Rupi says sorry to Khushbeer for having a daughter like Jasmine. They get stunned hearing the voice breaking things from Jasmine’s room. She remembers Rupi’s words and shouts. Amrik comes to her and asks her to calm down. Jasmine asks how can Rupi behave like this with her. She says that Tejo would have called him to insult her. Jasmine asks Amrik why is he helping her. Amrik says that she is his wife. She says that it’s a lie. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


She adds that Amrik is scared of her. He says yes but it’s a fact that she is his wife. He asks Jasmine to have a fresh start forgetting the past. She shouts No recalling her insult. She sends him out and cries. She decides to separate Tejo and Fateh. Here, Tejo is also crying remembering everything that happened. Fateh calls out to her. She removes her tears. She asks Fateh why he has come, Jasmine will do drama. Fateh tries to calm her down. Tejo says that Jasmine keeps insulting everyone and they are not able to do anything.

Tejo vows to find the proof in Jasmine’s room. Fateh says that Jasmine is at home every time. They decide to divert her. Fateh says whom he hates the most. Fateha signs. Tejo says that she hates them. Fateh gets an idea and says they need the family’s help. Jasmine is talking to Sweety on call. Meanwhile, she hears music and goes outside. She says Tejo and Fateh are dancing in their room. Jasmine comes to Fateh and turns off the music. She says that he can’t play music and it’s her new rule. She asks where is he going to get ready.

He says that he is going on a date. Jasmine leaves laughing. On the other hand, Tejo is also getting ready and Jasmine sees this and asks if she is going on a date with Fateh. Fateh comes there and Tejo and Fateh complement each other via Shayari. Jasmine thinks what are they up to. Jasmine says that they can’t talk to each other. Fateh and Tejo talk to each other through texts and Jasmine sees all this sitting on the couch. She is about to go but Fateh talks about Valentine’s day to divert her attention. Mahi and Simran are unable to find anything. Tejo asks them to check AC. After all drama, Amrik informs Fateh that Jasmine called the police. Fateh sees them through the window. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.


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