Udaariyaan 15th March 2022 Episode Written Update Rupi Slaps & Humiliates Fateh

The 15th March 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be overwhelming and dramatic enough, where you will watch that Rupi is set to humiliate Fateh while slapping. As he does not want to see him again in the life of Tejo as he already created uncounted obstacles for her, and therefore, now it will be better if he stays away from her. Meanwhile, Fateh says that he has realized his all mistakes and will make sure to not attempt those again if he starts a new life with Tejo, in short, he tries to assure Rupi with his commitment.


Meanwhile, Rupi’s anger goes at its peak, and therefore, he could not control his rage and slap Fateh hard by mentioning that if he comes closer to Tejo again, then he will shoot him no matter what happens. Because he does not want to see his daughter in those circumstances again, with she had gone through already. But Fateh says that he will have to trust in him, he will make her happy always built Rupi is not ready to hear even a single statement of him and extempore asks Fateh to leave the house, and warn to not come again on their threshold.

After a while, Rupi makes Fateh understand that they forgave Jasmine as she has realized her mistakes and made sure to not attempt them again. But as far as he has concerned, the wounds which were given by him to Tejo have not required any forgiveness. Tejo is feeling pity for Fateh but somewhere she agrees with her father because she does not have more strength to bear the same pain. Fateh supposes that maybe Tejo will defend him while taking a stand but she does because she had gone through all those worst circumstances which she never ever imagined.

After leaving Fateh, Rupi announces a great birthday bash for Tejo by saying that this party will heal her all pain and will bless her with great strength and happiness. Everyone gets happy to hear his announcement, meanwhile, Tejo’s mother says that nothing is better than celebrating her birthday in such a grand manner. Therefore, they start inviting the guest including Angad Maan, who is eagerly waiting to marry Tejo, and as soon as he gets the invitation, he says that through her birthday party he will unleash his feelings towards Tejo. So do not miss streaming it on colors at the correct time and for more details stay tuned with us.

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