Udaariyaan, 16th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Rupi forgives Jasmine

Udaariyaan, 16th March 2022, Written Episode Update: Rupi forgives Jasmine: Today’s episode begins with Tejo as she says to Rupi that Jasmine has proved to her that she has changed. Rupi asks what she means. A flashback shows that Jasmine and Tejo go back to Virk’s house. Virk ask Tejo where was she. They say that they were so worried for her. Tejo says that she went for some important work. Khushbeer asks what important work she had with Jasmine. Tejo says that Jasmine wants to tell them something. Jasmine says sorry to everyone. Mahi refuses to believe in Jasmine’s words. Gurpreet stops Mahi and tells Jasmine to rest for some time. Follow More Update On GetIndiaNews.com


Jasmine says that she deserves their hatred as she hurt and tortured them so much. She recalls how she insulted Khushbeer. He says that they have to bear it because they were helpless. He then tells her to say sorry to Amrik. She then says that she doesn’t know if she can reverse their pain but she will return to them everything that she snatched from them. Jasmine gives an envelope to Khushbeer and he opens it and finds property papers. Biji reads it and says that Jasmine has returned the share of the property. Mahi asks if these documents are real. Tejo says yes as everything has happened in front of her eyes.

Tejo makes Khushbeer sit and ties his Pagdi. Tejo says that he got his reputation back and now no one can humiliate him. He makes sure that soon Fateh will get the remaining share of the property as well. Jasmine comes to Khushbeer and says that she doesn’t deserve their forgiveness as she hurt them a lot. She promises to not hurt them. Jasmine then apologizes to Amrik and asks if he can forgive him. Amrik says that she apologized to his family so he is happy. He asks her to forget the past and start a new life.

Later, everyone celebrates Tejo’s birthday and she tells them that they have to go to her house today. The flashback ends. Tejo asks if he believes her now. She asks everyone to forgive Jasmine. Tejo and Jasmine request their father to forgive Jasmine. Rupi says that he is giving her a last chance only. Jasmine gets happy and hugs him. Angad says that she has got the best gift on her birthday. Tejo agrees. Fateh comes there and sees the earrings he brought for Tejo but leaves recalling Rupi’s words. Sandhu celebrates Tejo’s birthday. Angad gives a gift to Tejo and makes her wear the necklace. Fateh gets sad and leaves. Tejo sees him and goes to him. Watch the full episode of “Udaariyaan” on Colors at 7 pm.


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