Udaariyaan 22nd March 2022 Episode Fateh Decides To Re-Marry With Tejo

The 22nd March 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be overwhelming and dramatic enough where you will watch that Rupi decides to talk to Tejo regarding her further life and wedding. Extempore her mother tries to make him understand that it is not the right time to talk to her about anything because recently she overcome the pain of such circumstances, so, therefore, it would be inappropriate to ask anything. Somewhere Rupi is agreeing to her and hence, he delays his program which gives a sigh of relief to her mother as she wants to talk to Terjo first.


After a while, her mother reaches to her and makes her acquainted with everything, by mentioning that her father is not ready to accept Fateh at any cost, due to those exploits which he had made in the past because somewhere he is alleging him as a prime cause of behind the worst life of his both daughters. Once Tejo gets into the deep thinking and later she thinks that maybe this time her father is right, and wonders to accept all those decisions which are being taken by him because he knows better for her than anyone else hence, she leaves everything on Rupi.

On the other hand, Fateh is doing everything to make Rupi understand to accept him but he is adamant about his words. As he already warned Fateh to stay away from his family especially his daughters, because now he does not want to see them in the same circumstance they have gone through. But Meanwhile, inwardly Fateh decides to marry Tejo at any cost because no matter what happens but he will not let Angad Marry her due to his possessive nature. As Angad Mann already hit Tejo and therefore, he does not want to see him together with her.

On the other hand, the entire Virk family is thinking about Tejo and Fateh’s tie-a-knot ceremony so that, they could come together once again. But ahead of Rupi’s stubbornness, they could not do anything, but amidst all these, only Khushbir Singh is there who does not want to see Fateh with Tejo. As he has seen them together unhappily and therefore, he does not want to see Tejo again facing those circumstances, so now it would be amazing to watch what will happen next. So do not miss streaming it on Colors and for further details stay tuned with us

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