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Udaariyaan 28th December 2021 Episode Written Update: Angad Maan Proposes Tejo


The 28th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be amazing enough that will make you surprised a bit as well. As Fateh decides to reveal Jasmine’s real face because she is planning something big against Tejo and Angad Maan so that, they can get separation from each other. Because she is accusing them as the main defaulter of her worst life, therefore, she wants to ruin them by hook or by crook, this is the reason she is keeping her eyes on each activity of Riya because she knows that Riya is the weakest part of their life.


Meanwhile, Fateh says that no one knows Jasmine better than him therefore he decides to trap her again in her own plan so that, she cannot do even a single thing against them. Hence, he takes the attire of the client and goes to her. As he has come to know that she makes them click with her and later blackmail for the money, and something similar she is going to do with Angad Maan so that, Tejo could leave him alone. Hence, Fateh says that no matter what happens but he will not let her do anything against them.

Udaariyaan 28th Dec 2021 Episode

Later, Fateh makes a call to her cameraman and makes him understand the circumstances by giving the money. Meanwhile, he takes a Sardar Ji attire and goes to her also that, she can take pictures with him. But due to his attire, Jasmine is not able to recognize him in such a manner, therefore, she is addressing him as a stranger meanwhile, Fateh thinks that everything is going on the same as he thought. Both dance with each other and from their back cameraman is clicking their pictures as Fateh ordered him he is shooting them in such angles that will be enough to trap Jasmine.

On the other hand, Tejo makes Angad understand that he should marry someone so that, he will get a wife and Riya will get a mother. But Angad refuses to accept her perspective by saying that he wants to marry her not anyone else, so if she agrees with it then they will marry. But as soon as Tejo hears she gets shocked and does not say anything as she is not looking ahead to her third marriage. But Angad Maan knows very well that Tejo always agrees with Khushbir Singh, hence, he thinks that he should talk to Khushbir Singh first.

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