Udaariyaan 29th Nov 2021 Today’s Written Update: Fateh Apologizes To Tejo

The 29th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where you will stream that Jasmine’s nature gets changed after getting married to Fateh because she has 100% confidence that now he will bring her to Canada. Hence, she is not considering his family and relatives because everything has been done as she wants, but at the same time, Tejo is getting worried for his family because they have only one son and he is going to Canada without them, which is inappropriate enough but she is not understanding what to do as the circumstance are getting changed spontaneously.

Udaariyaan 29th Nov 2021 Today's Written Update: Fateh Apologizes To Tejo

Then Tejo decides to go to the Gurudrawa along with Angad Maan because he knows her all worries very well, when they reach he sees tears in her eyes and wonders that she is hiding something. Because Tejo does the work in Gurudrawa while weeping, meanwhile, Fateh also arrives at the same place. Fateh makes Tejo understand even if he is married to Jasmine but he wants her happiness and apologizes for all the stuff which she has faced in the past due to him and prays to “Waheguru” to bless them with joy and happiness, so that, they can look forward to their new life.

Udaariyaan Today’s Episode Update

Later, Jasmine reaches her residence and creates a scene in front of them and passes such inappropriate remark which becomes the cause of high anger of father. Her father asks her to stop before it’s too late, but she does not consider him and continues to misbehave with them through her words. Hence, her father would have to express his rage towards her under which, he brings her entire things and throw outside from the house along with her, and says that she does not need to come here again, because from today her parents have passed away for her.

After a while, Jasmine comes to Tejo and passes some derogatory remarks and accuses her to become a cause of their unhappiness, Tejo also retaliates by saying that “A person sees whatever he wants to see” and something similar is happening with Jasmine because her eyes not believing the reality. Meanwhile, Jasmine replies that after her wedding she is going to Canada with Fateh so that, Tejo’s shadow could remain away from them because she does not want to see her face again. Everyone is shocked to hear Jasmine’s statement but it’s not the first time, that she misbehaved with her elders.

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