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Udaariyaan 30th November 2021 Written Update Episode Abhiraj Throws Jasmin Luggage Out


Well, there is no doubt that makers of Udaariyaan are putting the magic of their pain into the script and as a result, the show is getting immense popularity with its daily episode. Well, till now you watched that Angad sees Fateh and pats him. Meanwhile, Jasmin enters the scene, she greets everyone there keeping a smile on her face and it makes everyone happy right there. Meanwhile, Abhiraj sees her and fumes at her saying how dare she come to the house and says her to get lost.

Udaariyaan written Update

So, the latest episode of the show begins with Fateh giving a handkerchief to Tejo but she does not take it and wipers her hand out with her dupatta. She congratulates him saying all the best, he says that he was about to come to her because he wanted to return her dupatta. She takes it and gets back to the time when both used to stay together. Jasmin puts Fateh’s pic on Canada’s map and makes Tejo away. She then says that she does not think that Tejo will ever go far and for this, she should have to enter in between them. She then calls Satti and asks to get some sweets. She then goes to bebe and asks her for the stuff that she kept for her Canada trip.

Jasmin then says Satti to get all the stuff from Bebe, she leaves the room chanting Canada Canada… and gets happy seeing her dress that Bebe kept for her, she takes that and makes Bebe wear her coat and wears another one for her own. Satti scolds Jasmin when Jasmin says Bebe to get ready as she will call her right there. There, Fateh talks to Tejo saying that she never gives him happiness and except for pain and sorrow he did not get anything in relation to her, it makes Tejo teary eye.

On the other side, Abhiraj scolds her, she then says that one day they all will come to her and must be begging her and she will treat them all there. Rupy shouts and stops her saying that she did everything such as fulfilled her dreams by sparing them. Abhiraj comes in anger and throws her luggage out of the house. Rupy says Jasmin to leave and both of them get into a verbal spat. Jasmin shouts asking who made her dream about Canada, it was Satti behind all. Tejo comes home and gets shocked seeing this all. The episode ends here stay connected for more written episode updates.

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