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Udaariyaan 3rd January 2022 Episode Written Update Fateh comes to Tejo for repent


Well, the latest episode of Udaariyaan will begin with, Fateh confronting Tejo saying that Jasmine had hurt her a lot and he is sad that he could not see anything at that time wish he could see something so at least things won’t get as worse as it has turned. Tejo keeps hearing him, then he says that he can’t bear this from now and he wants to live with her instead of that burden. Tejo finally opens up and says him to be quiet because there is no benefit of this telling her now.


Fateh looks at her, she then says that doesn’t he thinks that it is too soon because now she has become habitual of her life without him so there is no need for him to try to come again and make her life hell. He says that today he is here just to hear from her and today she can say anything he won’t speak a single word. Tejo gets angry asking what should she do now, should she clap for his humanity that finally woke up, or get happy seeing him standing in front of her. He then gets tears in his eyes, she continues to tell him about her sacrifice, saying that she only ruined her life just to settle down Jasmine and his world and that was the horrific time of her life and now he is again thinking that she should forgive him and accept.

She asks her what he wants now, should she be happy seeing him that finally Fateh spoke up and hug him. He replies that he did not come to her having a hope of forgiveness but for repenting for the sins he did. Tejo then asks him that why he is here instead of going home, he replies that he does not have the guts to face everyone now because he knew that he did wrong with his family and his Tejo, and whenever he tried to go away from her, he found her closer to him, no matter where he is, but all he knows that Tejo whom he saw so many times and that too at different places.

He makes her count, places wherever he saw her, he says that he saw there at the petrol pump. She asks him if he really saw her, he nods, she starts crying. She then asks him that why did he not call her, he replies that he did not have the courage to confront her at that time. He tells her the entire story that shocks Tejo. The episode ends here, stay connected to know more about the show.

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