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Udaariyaan 6th January 2022 Written Update & Episode Jasmine Lashes Out At Tejo & Fateh


The 6th January 2022 episode of Udaariyaan is going to be dramatic enough as everyone wants to see Tejo and Fateh together again, both families are planning something, so that, both could sort their things and make their alliance again. Hence, they decide to call them together at the restaurant so that, their grudges could be sorted out. Therefore, Tejo gets a call from her family as they are inviting her to dinner at the hotel, something similar happened with Fateh too. Later, both reach the venue where already the commemoration of the New Year is going on.


After a while, Tejo reaches the venue before Fateh and looks to find her family as they invited her meanwhile, Fateh also comes and gets shocked to see Tejo in front of her, and something same gesture passes by Tejo as well. As both were not supposed to meet in such a manner. At the same time, Fateh asks Tejo for a coffee so that, they could get the time to sit and talk ahead about the circumstances from which, both have recently gone through because their life has messed up in such a way, because of which, they are seeing the path of happiness.

Spontaneously, Jasmine comes to the same hotel and gets shocked to see them together as her wounds get revived again because she is accusing Tejo of her worst life. While the thing is different and everyone knows it very well beside Jasmine as she is not ready to accept her exploits & flaws. Meanwhile, Jasmine decides to create a scene in front of the restaurant, hence, she calls Band Master’s and starts making noise while disturbing everyone. Then Fateh and Tejo go to her and ask what happened why she is doing such things without any reason.

Meanwhile, Jasmine starts slamming Tejo and Fateh together by saying that why they are playing the game of upset, while they should marry together while taking seven vows as Tejo wants the same from the very beginning and therefore, she made her life hell. Meantime, Fateh says that if she had an issue with them so she could have talked to them wisely. Then Jasmine passes a remark that she brought Band and as she can see the bride and groom so they could marry each other now. Tejo gets upset again as Jasmine is targeting her which seems inappropriate enough, so watch it on Colors and for further details connect with us.

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