Udaariyaan spoiler February 9; Fateh again doubts Angad about Tejo -what happened today?

Udaariyaan Spoiler, Fateh again doubts Angad about Tejo. Yew Fateh will fail until Jasmine’s new drama. Jasmine fights Tejo Fateh after marrying Amrik. Jasmine gets upset after seeing that Fateh Tejo is closing. Fateh warns Jasmine about Tejo. Check out the sneak peek of the next episode, now on Voot!

MRandom is back with another update from the world of TV. Udaariyaan is one of the most beloved and successful shows on television, and the story keeps the audience hooked. The show has been climbing the stairs of success very quickly. It is among the best shows on the TRP charts with its intense twists and turns.

Priyanka Choudhary plays the character of Tejo Kaur Sandhu and Ankit Gupta plays the character of Fateh Singh Virk. Fans are crazy about their on-screen chemistry. In addition, they have also kept a ship name, Fatejo. In that sense, Priyanka and Tejo created the official Fatejo YouTube channel. Recently, they shared some epic behind-the-scenes glimpses covering all the events that transpired at Atrangi Shaadi.

In the next episode, Jasmine and Fateh end up in a big fight and she swears to steal everything from him and the family for ruining his life. On the other hand, Angad reveals to Tejo that he has found a way to stop Jasmine from causing any further damage to the Virks. Tejo decides to enter Virk House to challenge Jasmine.

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