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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 10th Nov 2021 Latest Updates: Fateh Realizes His Mistakes


The 10th November 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where finally, Fateh and Jasmine are ready to make pair with each other through their tied-a-knot ceremony. Yes you heard right, the priest has fixed the date of the auspicious moment, but at the same time, Khushbir Singh’s worries are getting increased because took a pledge that first Tejo will get married then Fateh, otherwise he will not let them married no matter what happens. So now Tejo has been stuck in the confusion because Khushbir Singh is adamant about his words and will not be ready to step back at all.

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At the same time, Fateh is being surrounded by a strange wave of feelings because ever since he got separation from Tejo, he is not understanding anything. Because he is attached to her wholeheartedly, so, therefore, he does not want to see her together with someone else especially Angad Maan. Because he had a precious bond with her and ahead it will be continued as well, hence, no one has a right to come closer to her according to Fateh. That’s why whenever he sees them together he feels jealous enough and does not feel happy to see them.

Then Fateh wonders that prior he wanted to get separation from Tejo so that, he can marry Jasmine because he loves her a lot. But despite this, he is not happy as Jasmine is going to marry him, meanwhile, wonders that it could be his biggest mistake to get divorced from Tejo. Another side, Khushbir Singh meets Tejo’s father and makes him familiar with Angad Maan by saying that he is perfect enough for Tejo. Because nowadays they are working together and their pair seems compatible enough as well, in short, he tries to make him agree that Angad is perfect for Tejo and she should marry him.

Later, Fateh makes him console by mentioning that once he will get married to Jasmine then everything will be sorted out with him and Tejo. Because Angad could be perfect for her as Khushbir Singh is addressing him, even Tejo is sagacious enough to take his individual decision. Hence, through the coming episodes, you are going to become a witness of the “Shaadi” special episode where both Fateh and Tejo will marry their partner and start their new life. So let see at what kind of twists and turns will come in the show, so watch it on Colors and for further details connect with us.

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