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Udaariyaan Today’s Episode 15th December 2021 Jasmine Executes Her Conspiracy To Ruin Tejo & Fateh


The 15th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan is ready to make you surprised again, as Jasmine is ready to execute her conspiracy against Fateh and Tejo to destroy them properly. She says that her revenge will definitely make their life hell as they have made her life, but hitherto both are unaware of her plan. But it seems that her revenge is going to be high enough. So just be ready to catch the episode, because she is ready with her partner to come forward in Fateh and Tejo’s life, which will set the fire in their entire life.


Another side, Fateh is trying his best to determine as he is accusing himself of those things from which, Tejo has gone through recently. Hence, he says that unless he removes the dark from his heart he will not go back to his house. Because now he does not want to become a cause of someone’s unhappiness, therefore, he is working on the petrol pump to survive his life. As he is living far from his home and needs the money to hire a place where he can stay, and live his life.

Later, Jasmine comes to that anonymous man who is helping her in these exploits as she has made him acquainted that she wants to take revenge on Fateh. He agrees by saying that whenever she will need his help heh will stand by her so there is no need to think ahead, hence, he is helping her because she needs financial support at this time. Meanwhile, Jasmine says that now she has everything so let the revenge begin and mentions that now she knows the exact location of Tejo and Fateh, so will not be difficult for her to make their life hell, and she leaves the place.

After a while, Tejo meets Fateh again and both get happy to see each other as they are wanting to meet, but spontaneously Jasmine will take place while having a gun and pointing them. So now it will be interesting to watch those who they will make their life save this time because Jasmine has gone mad in the fire of her revenge as she is accusing them of the worst face of her life. Therefore, She says that no matter what happens but she will not let Tejo forgive at any cost. So watch it on Colors and for more details connect with us.

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