Udaariyaan Today’s Written Update 13th December 2021: Fateh Meets Tejo Again

The 13th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where Tejo and Fateh again see each other but could not meet due to the distance which is existing between the two, but first, they consider it as an illusion because Tejo thinks that he has settled in Canada. But if she is getting his glimpse again and again so it could not be her illusion, therefore she tries to reach him but due to some obstacles, Fateh gets disappears. Despite this, she tries to find him so that, she can get answers to those questions that are roaming in her mind.

Udaariyaan Today's Written Update 13th December 2021: Fateh Meets Tejo Again

At the same time, Fateh gets a purse from someone and tries to ask the staff but he wonders if someone can take it in such a worst manner. So he decides to open it so that, he can figure out the name of the owner, as soon as he opens the purse he sees a photo of a man whose name is Sharma Ji. Then he thinks that he should go to his residence to give the purse to him, but the twist will arrive when Tejo and Angad Maan will arrive at Sharma Ji’s house, which is unexpected enough.

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Later, Fateh reaches Sharma’s residence and gives him the purse by saying that he forgot it on Petrol Pump, Sharma Ji gets impressed to see Fateh’s gesture and asks him to come inside for having some tea or coffee. But Fateh refuses by saying that he is getting late for work but Sharma Ji insists on him and he agrees. After a while, Angad Maan takes place at the same place along with Tejo and as soon as he sees them he gest shocked because he never ever expected, but he hides himself to see them so that, they can not see him.

On the other hand, Jasmine hires a man to find out the exact location of Angad Maan and Tejo as she is eagerly want to talk to him. Meanwhile, Riya’s granny also comes to the same place and creates the scene by saying that she will not let him keep Riya’s custody no matter what happens. But Angad Maan replies that he has all rights on Riya and no one is here to make them separate in such a manner she is trying. Even Tejo tries to make her understand that, she is doing wrong because Riya also wants to stay with him.

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