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Udaariyaan Written Update 6th Dec 2021 Today’s Episode: Jasmine Traps Tejo


The 6th December 2021 episode of Udaariyaan begins where you will watch that Jasmine and Fateh decide to initiate their new life, as Jasmine decides to take revenge on Fateh for all those things which he has done with her recently and made her life hell while destroying her passport. At the same time, Fateh decides to punish himself for all those exploits which he has done with Tejo and ruined her life. Both have their own motto and are ready to execute as soon as possible, because their soul does not feel happy,m because Jasmine has been thrown out forever by her parents.

Udaariyaan Written Update 6th Dec 2021 Today's Episode: Jasmine Traps Tejo

After a while, Fateh reaches the hotel so that, he can get the room to spend the night as the winter season is going on, and staying outside could become the cause of ill-health. But when he asks to book the room to Manager replies that all rooms are full so now they will not able to help him. As soon as Fateh hears the statement his anger crosses all boundaries and he fights with a manager as well. By saying that if he can not help anyone so he does not have a right to run such a big hotel, hence, the manager sends him out.

Udaariyaan Written Update Episode

As soon as Fateh comes outside he gets shivered due to cold waves and meanwhile, wonders that he will have to find the work so that, he can survive. Hence, he thinks that he should try in a hotel because he is fit enough and they can give him work easily no matter it will be luggage shifting or dishwashing. He will do whatever they will assign because now he needs to earn the appropriate money so that, he had not to face any trouble as he created Tejo’s happy life.

On the other hand, Jasmine also stays in the hotel and tries to find the exact location of Tejo so that, she can execute her plan against her. Because if she got separation from Fateh so she also does not have a right to stay with Anhad as a spouse. Therefore, she edits a photo and sends it to Tejo in which Angad Maan is gain appearing with someone, and as soon as Tejo sees the photo her curiosity to know about her get enhanced enough. Therefore, when Angad comes to him she asks about the face which is appearing in the photo with him.

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