UTI Glass Found In Women’s Bladder Full Viral Video, Check Women Name Images

Recently a picture created a buzz on the internet where a picture went viral and everyone was shocked and even more shocked is the one who was having it. Yes, we are talking about a woman’s UTI that had been making feared about her health and genital and she was thinking that now her life will be ended because she has an infection in the main genital of her body but later she take a sigh of relief after getting to know that it was glass in her vagina but now the picture has gone viral on social media mainly on Twitter and Reddit.

UTI Glass

UTI Glass Found In Women’s Bladder

According to the medical reports it came to know that a 45 years old lady took medical help experiencing typical UTI symptoms but after having a scan, the horrifying truth was revealed. The lady was reportedly mistakenly believed to be sorrowing from a urinary tract infection but when the exact reports came than everyone got shocked because actually, she had a glass tumbler cup stuck in her bladder for four years. Well, the tumbler cup got stuck inside an 8 CM wife bladder stone. However, usually, this kind of stone bit small even you will have to struggle to see it with naked eyes but the stone that was stuck into her urethra was a bit larger than usual.

The Tunisia lady later revealed how did it get there into her. In a talk, she told the medical team and her personal medical expert at Academic Hospital Habib Bourguiba that four years before she used a sex toy to satisfy herself by inserting that glass cup into her urethra, and at that time it was stuck there and she thought it will come out soon but it was not exactly what she was happening. Even the medical team questioned their books if it is really possible that how it can be stuck there.

Later the bizarre case got published in the medical journal where it was written along with the details of the case were images of the glass and the bladder stone that surrounded it after her attempt at “urethral sounding” went drastically wrong. In a medical report, it was written that it has become a very serious problem because hundreds of people do take help of toys to play with themselves but most of the time the toys get stuck in them for which they hesitate to seek medical help and as a result, it becomes a big problem that even shakes medical experts. Well, the lady is fine now and the images are available on the internet so that you can also check them out.

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