vabbing at the gym – Tiktoks Vabbing Trend at the Gym – What is Vabbing?

TikTok has once again discovered something extremely wild and made it into a trend, and honestly, whoever began telling people about this should have just left it in the drafts.

A new trend TikTok users have been partaking in is vabbing, which is a merge of the words vagina and dabbing. It’s pretty straight forward but on first hearing about it, it is *pretty* confusing.

Here is everything you need to know about the viral TikTok trend, vabbing:

what the hell is vabbing?

Vabbing is the practice of dabbing your vaginal secretions onto your body and using it as a perfume. People have been dabbing it onto their pulse points and places they would usually put perfume, including their wrists, neck and behind their ears. TikTok users are convinced it helps you attract potential partners, and somehow it has actually worked for some.

Who came up with vabbing?

The term vabbing goes back to 2018, in a podcast episode of the Secret Keepers Club, hosted by Carly Aquilino and Emma Willmann. In a prior episode, the two discussed a friend who used his ball sweat as a cologne and it inspired a listener to try it out herself, and thus the two podcast hosts dubbed is as vabbing.

In June 2022, it began to trend again after TikToker, Mandy Lee, praised the practice of vabbing and told her followers that it actually works.

Have people actually been doing this?

Unfortunately, yes. TikTokers have been taking part in the trend and sharing with their followers aftermath of going out with their “lady juice” behind their “lady ears” and other parts of their body.

One TikTok user shared her experience of going on a night out after vabbing. In the video she said: “Hey guys so I saw this trend on TikTok called vabbing.

Since I’m going out tonight, I’m going to try it so let’s see what happens. So, I would say that the vabbing was successful and I think we had about three men approach us.

One man offered me a free drink which I declined and then a friend also got free drinks so I would say it worked.”

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