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Vanna White is dead or still alive? – Obituary 2021


Vanna White was a professional model before joining the game show “Wheel of Fortune” as a co-host in 1982. She is responsible for uncovering the letters on the large puzzle board of the show and modeling the ever-changing design series. White is a mother of two children. As an avid crocheter, she has her own yarn collection called Vanna’s Choice.

White was born on February 18, 1957 in North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, under the original name of Vanna Marie Rosich. Her parents divorced when Vanna was a baby, and she was raised in North Myrtle Beach by mother Joan and stepfather Herbert White Jr.

After graduating from high school, White moved to Atlanta, Georgia, where she studied at the Atlanta School of Fashion and worked as a model. She went to Los Angeles in 1979 to pursue an acting career, but in the summer of 1980, she briefly returned to South Carolina to visit her mother who was dying of ovarian cancer.

White returned to Hollywood with renewed determination and got a series of small actor jobs in most forgotten films, including the role of Mickey in Gypsy Angel (1980); a role in Looker (1981) , Starring with Albert Finney; and Doris’s small role in the high school thriller “Graduation Day” (1981). In 1982, she also appeared in an episode of the TV series “Family Star”.

However, in late 1982, White got a job that would make her career successful. She was selected from 200 applicants to join Pat Sajak, the new host and former weather forecaster of the NBC game show “Wheel of Fortune” created by entertainment giant Merv Griffin. The show achieved great success in the next few years. By 1986, a joint evening version attracted 30 million viewers, twice as much as the second-ranked joint program MAS*H, and its annual revenue was 100 million U.S. dollars. In 1999, the 16th year of its joint organization, about 40 million people saw the “Wheel of Fortune”.

White’s status as the hostess and chief messenger in “Wheel of Fortune” and the changing design series model quickly made her a superstar. Suddenly, “Vannamania” swept the country, and White soon won a number of lucrative endorsement contracts, and even starred in the NBC movie Venus: Goddess of Love. Although more skeptical media observers laughed at White’s limited acting ability and her status as a silent clothes rack on wheels, most audiences liked her, largely due to her beauty. , Vitality and sustained charm, and White has become an iconic figure in American popular culture. Her popularity peaked in the mid to late 1980s.

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