Venerated Indian Tusker Nadungamuwa Raja Check Cause of Death How Did He Die?

Honoured and prestigious Indian tusker named Nadundamuwa Raja died in Sri Lanka. The much-respected tusker was 69 years of its age at the time of his death and created last on 7 March 2022, Monday. According to the latest reports, the venerated elephant had carried the Buddha tooth relic at the Dalada Maligawa Temple of the sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy, Sri Lanka. The displeasing went viral all over the Internet and people are expressing their grieve on this unpleasant event and also paying tribute to the esteemed elephant. Get more information on Nadundamuwa Raja’s death.

It is being said that Raja was one of the two baby elephants presented by the king of Mysuru to Sri Lankan native physician monk after getting impressed by him as he healed one of the king’s relatives from a prolonged illness. Another baby elephant had been gifted to Sri Lanka christened Nawam Raja who was also bored with the holy tooth relic of Lord Buddha and carried sacred relics at the procession of Gangaramaya temple passed away back in 2011 in Colombo. Now, the only elephant with the tallest tusker passed away in Sri Lanka.

If we talk more about this, Raja was born in 1953 in Mysore its real name was Nadundamuwa Vijaya Raja and was popularly known as Nadundamuwa Raja. Some of the reports claimed that Raja was christened Nedumgamuwa, the village of its owner situated 35 km off from capital Colombo. Raja was one of the four venerable and divine tuskers who had been chosen for carrying the holy relics during one of the most religious processions that organized once in a year during the full moon day in the month of July. It was chosen on behalf of multiple qualities including physical and manners who had power and ability to bear the procession.

The tuskers had been considered as one of the precious things of the country and were one of the most protected tuskers of all time. Raja had been protected by military officials. The government deployed an entire unit of special security forces to protect the animal at the time when Raja went 90 kilometres away from his home in the outer area of Colombo temple during the sacred tooth relic. The information on Raja’s funeral is being reviewed so far. We will get back to you with further information on its funeral till then stay tuned with Social Telecast.

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