Video: Botswana Woman Executed In Bangladesh For Smuggling Heroin

Johannesburg Lesedi Molapisi a 30-year-old Botswana woman caught smuggling heroin into Bangladesh faces execution today, (25 November 2022).Molapisi’s goose was cooked when she arrived at the Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Bangladesh, on a Qatar Airways flight from South Africa, which came via Doha.

Dressed in white and wearing a medical mask, Molapisi landed on a warm Sunday afternoon. It was 23 January 2022.Unbeknownst to Molapisi, her arrival coincided with an alert that the airport was being used to smuggle narcotics.

Botswana woman arrested with 3kg heroin at Dhaka airports Bangladesh authorities said customs officials and National Security Intelligence officers intercepted Molapisi in the the passage for arriving passengers with no goods to declare.

Molapisi’s luggage was searched and 3.146kg of heroin was found concealed inside. The Botswana national was promptly arrested.

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