Video: Britt barbie fight video leaked on reddit and twitter – trending on tiktok

You couldn’t scroll through social media this weekend without watching Britt Barbie’s viral TikToker video, “Period Agh, Period Ugh,” which sparked a lot of discussion.

First, who is Mrs. Barbie?

Barbie gained an audience through her TikTok account, which has amassed more than 400,000 followers for its deplorable content. A viral video she posted in February 2022 showed how content creators didn’t realize her hair might be growing out of her scalp.

Fast forward to September, and the young creator has started a new trend called “Period Ahh, Period Ugh,” in which she obsessively riffs on Drake and Future’s collaborative project “What A Time To The phrase “I’m The Plug” from Be” lives on repeat.

Many people participated in the challenge, including Yung Baby Tate, who provided a poem.

Twitter user Imani Barbarin also weighed in, asking people not to engage in conversations about whether Barbie has a disability.

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