Video de gaela hija de tomate | video de gaela zapata,fotos de gaela barraza

As of right now, De gaela daughter has become a sensation all over the internet and all over the United States of America. His daughter one video was Trending on social media and other platforms which made his one of the most popular social media influencers in the world.

In this article, we will talk about De gaela daughter Trending video and we will also share some information about his that we have gathered so far.

The singer filed a complaint with the police and energetically threatened the person responsible for the crime against the daughter he has with Danuska Zapata.

Twitter Trending Video

He can’t stand slander. Magaly Medina showed a report where “Tomate” Barraza is seen , angry and on the verge of tears, at the doors of DIRINCRI to file a complaint for the false Trending of a video of his daughter, Gaela Barraza .

In recent days, doctored images and videos of the minor have gone trending on different messaging applications such as Telegram and WhatsApp. Barraza even indicated that the video came into her hands through an acquaintance.

De Gaela Reaction about Her daughter video

Obfuscated by the situation, “Tomate” Barraza threatened those who are harming the image of the daughter he has with Danuzka Zapata: “ Mess with me, but not with my daughter.

I don’t mind going to jail, either you eliminate the filthy thing you’ve done or I swear on my daughters that I’m going to take the shell out of you…”

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