Video: Footage shows groovy NYPD cop grinding with dancer at jubilant West Indian Day parade goes viral

A video of a New York Police Department (NYPD) officer grinding with a dancer has surfaced online. The clip shows the dancer wearing scanty clothing as the crowd cheers her during the West Indian Day Parade on Monday, September 5 in Brooklyn.

The unsuitable video also shows a uniformed male NYPD officer dirty dancing with the scantily clad dancer immediately after the woman mounts him at the West India Parade. In the past, revelers have been known to involve policemen in their entertainment; this has not always gone smoothly for law enforcement officers.


Someone from the crowd can be heard yelling, “Lean back! Lean back!” as the male office is completely involved in grinding with the costumed woman. The officer soon wraps his arm around the woman’s back as she shoves her body into his crotch as the two are pushed together. The woman is wearing nothing but a top and bottom that resemble a bikini as the crowd applauds the pair as her feet hang off the ground.

New York Post reported that a spokesperson from the police department said the footage was from Monday’s parade and that the NYPD has no plans to discipline the officer shown in the embarrassing video.

A similar incident took place at the West Indian Day Parade held on September 2, 2019. A scantily clad woman, wearing a skimpy neon vest and a bikini thong was seen pulling up to a uniformed officer, who was among the agents posted along the route at New York’s annual parade. Bending down, she started to dance seductively leaning her bottom against the officer’s crotch area.


In 2011, the NYPD opened an investigation into a similar video of two women gyrating against a couple of officers. One of the policemen, detective Gregory Gordon, was transferred from Brooklyn to Staten Island after the video went viral, New York Daily News reported.

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