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The perpetrators were charged when a woman reported the kidnapping of her two children to the police station. Hidayat Khilji and his brother Khalil, according to the lady, kidnapped and raped them. The abducted women’s lewd films and photographs were also shared on other social media platforms. Under the pretense of providing them jobs, the accused used to distribute opioids to girls. The offenders were also blackmailing the women with their filthy films. The incident was originally reported on December 2nd when a lady filed a police report regarding the kidnapping of her 2 children.

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Hidayat Khilji Leaked Video

Hidayat & his brother were deemed liable for the kidnapping, according to her. The police quickly detained the individuals after pressing accusations against them. During the raid, authorities uncovered laptops and cellphones that had lewd videos of the women. The defendants allegedly raped the girls after luring them into the trap with job offers, according to authorities. The accused allegedly intoxicated the females before rapping them.

Hidayat Khilji Full Viral Video

Hidayat Khilji was accused of being a member of a gang that assaulted women after luring them in with job offers. Before rapping the women, the accused intoxicated them, and the gang also made pornographic recordings of the victims, which were later used for blackmail. Officers also recovered a laptop, a cellphone, and other devices from the suspect’s possession, which contained lewd recordings of the ladies. The accused is suspected of rapping over 200 women,

According to reports, but the DIG Police Department has rejected all of these charges, alleging that a bigger group of women has been referenced on social networking sites. They have been seized of their computer, cell phones, and other equipment,” the DIG police said, announcing the creation of a team of top police officials to investigate the case. He also rejected reports made on social media that a bigger number of women had been kidnapped and had filthy recordings recorded at their hands.

Hidayat Khilji Video Scandal Link Twitter Explained!

Hidayat Khilji was arrested on October 3 after police claimed to have seized the leader of a gang that blackmailed women after rapping and filming filthy films. The defendants allegedly raped the girls after luring them into the trap with job offers, according to authorities. They said that the accused raped the women after inebriating them. The incident has prompted outrage on Twitter, with the hashtag #HIDAYAT THE RAPIST trending as people express their outrage and demand justice for the girls as well as harsh punishment for Hidayat Khilji and his brother.

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It’s worth noting that the Hidayat Khilji Quetta Video Scandal has been accused of similar behavior in the past. Hidayat was apprehended in 2020, according to a statement released by the Balochistan Police, He identified himself as a DJ. She also submitted the same claim two years ago, and the lady acknowledged that he was her husband. Later, the girl Parveen posted a video on social media saying that Hidayat Khilji is innocent.

The girls were allegedly forced to share this video on social media, according to certain officials. The investigation is still ongoing, and detectives are working to learn the facts about what happened.

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