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Video: Jonah Falcon Photo – Man With World’s Biggest 13 Inch-Penis Stuns Hosts With Explicit Pic!


Picture: Man With World’s Biggest 13 inch-Penis Stuns Hosts With Explicit Pic: A New Yorker who claims to possess the biggest member within the world and who claims to have slept with many Alist celebrities says he’s bored with showing folks his Johnson jumbo. in remission at airdrome security once he was seen hanging by his leg. “Once I adorned it in the middle of my leg and that they asked me if I had a tumor, that I feel would be the primary factor somebody would consider once they saw it,” he said. . “I learned once I undergo security and everyone to place it along a small amount, therefore, it’s like a spherical lump.

Jonah Falcon Photo With World Biggest Penis

God facilitate ME if I purchase an associate degree erection once I do that. My testicles are proportionately large, too A 2017 interview with The Sun claimed that his member had a negative impact on his life as an actor. Falcon has enjoyed fame and sex since he was named owner of the world’s largest penis in an exceedingly 1999 documentary, the Huffington Post reported. Unfortunately, the registration isn’t official as Guinness doesn’t verify such phallic performances: “It has hindered my performance as a result of folks don’t rent me,” he said.

“You googled ‘Jonah Falcon’ so you say, ‘We can’t use him, he’s noted for his member size.’ Jonah Falcon, the person of phallic gifts, was born the bomb whereas speaking on ITV’ “This smart Morning” regarding however his life-changing appendix affected his life. His penis is thirteen.5 “which is some thirty-five cm if upright and eight inches in diameter that is eight inches, being 13 inches or taller means that I’m a foul person for a few reasons, or I’m selfish, or I’m a pornstar, or I’m stupid, or I’m a whore, “he aforementioned to Phillip and Josie.

These Morning presenters from the united kingdom …” Also, I’m bored with folks wanting me to MEasure it before of them. I’ve done it 10,000 times, that’ enough. rather than activity his member again, Falcon shocked the hosts with a photograph of him and left viewers stunned. In fact, the Brooklyn-born actor said, “I’m fed up folks wanting me to live it in front of them. I’ve done it 10,000 times, that’ enough! We don’t know if he is going to apply for the Guinness World record as this is such an interesting feat.

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