Video: Mariazel video pack viral on twitter and reddit

Mariazel is a woman who has stood out for her charisma and good sense of humor since she began her career on Mexican television, making her part of one of the funniest entertainment programs on Channel 5. The rest of her colleagues also had a great time. well in the company of Faisy.


Well, in addition to positioning herself as one of the undefeated winners of the different dynamics of “Me Caigo de Risa”, Mariazel is considered the most popular contestant on the program.

Although many believed that she was competing with Mariana Echeverría for this, the truth is that the two got along very well both inside and outside the program. Because in addition to exchanging “likes” and comments on their posts on social networks, the two were caught at events, such as Faisy’s wedding.

As usual on Mariazel’s Instagram account, the talented host has captivated her followers with her beauty, only this time she has a lot to say after sharing a controversial video.

In the video of her we can see her wrapped in a bath towel as if she were going to take a shower, but suddenly, when the driver unintentionally takes the towel from her, an unexpected audiovisual change occurs.

“In life you have to dare to challenge everything … or better not,” wrote Maria Zell in her controversial publication, which accumulates more than 96,000 likes.

Although many of her fans thought that Maria Zell would end up teaching too much, especially because of the description of her video, in the end, the Spanish wore a sexy miniskirt under the towel.

In fact, due to her plunging neckline and her dress being heavily sheathed, no one suspects that Maria Zell has clothes under her bath towel.

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