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Video nagita 61 detik, The viral video of Nagita Slavina that leaked on twitter and reddit


The viral link to the 61-second video continues to be persecuted by netizens for being deemed similar to Nagita Slavina.
Raffi Ahmad clarified after a video allegedly similar to Nagita Slavina emerged.

Until now, many netizens have been looking for a similar link to the 61-second video to Nagita Slavina, which went viral on TikTok.

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In fact, according to observations on Twitter, many netizens are discussing and searching for links to 61-second videos like Naginata.

Because there are too many people hunting, many people also caught netizens through other wonderful video links.

“Viral link video 61 second graph similar to Rafi Ahmad video of Nagita Slavina’s wife posted via @YouTube | Rafi ahmad,” Warganet @_uangre*** wrote.

“The 61-second leaked viral video of Nagita Slavina is similar to the viral full TikTok video link of Nagita Slavina,” one netizen wrote on Twitter @Saheedah4017.

Meanwhile, on TikTok, quite a few people use hashtags similar to Nagita Slavina or hashtags 61 Second Video Link and Viral Video Link to promote their content.

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