Video viral on titok and twitter – Are there Zombies in China?

TikTok is completely panicking about the impending zombie apocalypse, which will all start in China – but it doesn’t.

Users of the social media platform have gone into a frenzy after a 2021 article exploring issues in the context of pop culture was misunderstood. The platform is filled with theories that the undead are in China, and the article suggests that China may be the birthplace of the zombie apocalypse.

The author argues that the outbreak will start in communist countries because “they have always chosen to suppress information” rather than the UK and US like we’ve seen in countless horror and thriller films. This article has been flagged as a review article referring to Max Brooks’ novel World War Z, which is about a fictional World War Z.

Why is “Zombie in China” popular on TikTok? Some TikTok users struggling to separate fiction from reality fear another virus outbreak could come in 2022 as the world continues to recover from the coronavirus pandemic.

While it’s unclear who initiated the trend, two things are certain.

Zombies are just a creepy Halloween costume, and social media’s reaction to this spooky trend has been hilarious. Users have taken to social media to express their thoughts – from panic to record-setting bizarre trends.

One wrote: “Why do people on Tiktok say China has zombies, what the hell is going on?” Another wrote, “Why I heard there are zombies in China, I’m going to space.”

A third asked, “Tell me why they talk about zombies in China.” Another user added, “Tiktok needs to stop these zombies in China, even though I know one of my biggest fears is fucking zombies (ask me, why do I I don’t know). I’m going to start having nightmares, so please stop.”

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