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Video: Who was ARoy? cause of death? O-Block Member Rapper ARoy Shot and Killed On FB Live Video


Rapper A Roy Oblock has been killed in Chicago on 14th December 2021, we are going to be providing you with more details on his age. Rapper A Roy Oblock is a famous musical artist, he is a member of The Mistakes OBlock hip-hop group having many famous songs in his name. After a simple fight that turned out to be a murder, the rapper has been reported to have been killed, here we are going to be providing you with details about him.

Aroy Oblock

Who was ARoy and what was his cause of death?

Rapper A Roy Oblock has been reported to be killed in Chicago on 14th December, he has been shot dead by an unknown man during a fight, as per the time being, there has been no official news source which has been reported when it comes to his demise, some of the witnesses of the fight have shared the video and the people are watching the video on the social media platforms.

The tributes have been flowing on the internet for the late rapper.

O-Block Member Rapper ARoy Death Video

A video of the rapper A Roy Oblock being involved in a fistfight has gone viral on the internet, in the clip which got recorded on 14th December 2021, two people are seeing fighting, it is seen in the caption, the location seems to be a parking area in Chicago in Illinois.


The footage has been captured from a location, probably a building which is just above the parking lot, a man at the top is seen providing deadly punches to one another, Oblock was indeed unaware that his opponent was carrying a gun. The man at the bottom fires more than five shots and kills A Roy Oblock.

It is not known as of this point in time why they both were fighting each other, some of the people are stating that it was the mistake of the rapper while the police are investigating the whole matter, they have not provided the details on the shooter.

Rapper ARoy Oblock Died Young

The rapper was only in his 20s, he was a rising hip-hop artist who could have been very much one of the top artists in the world in the coming years, it is just unfortunate that he has died at such a young age, he is always going to be missed, the rapper was living in Chicago in Illinois for a very long time with the musical group.

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