Virat Accepts Nima As His Wife Publicly

In the recent episode of Nima Denzongpa, we have watched that Virat’s mother along with Priyal and Mona organized a party for Virat’s marriage and also to let Nima down. Virat wasn’t at home when his friends and investors arrived at the home. Nima welcomes them and asks if they need anything, just then Priyal and Mona arrived there and welcomes them and asks Nima to do her work. One of Virat’s business investors Keshav gives a weird look to Nima. Nima feels uneasy with his looks and is about to leave when Mona calls her. Get more information about Nima Denzongpa’s written update.

Nima denzongpa

Mona and Priyal ask Nima to serve the drink but Nima denies and says she hates alcohol and she won’t even touch the bottle of such drinks. Mona tries to convince her but Nima denies it continuously. Maaji then comes up with tricks and asks Mona to leave she will serve the drink. Yet again Nima’s principles compel her to obey them. Somehow, Nima serves the drinks and even notices Keshav’s bad intentions for her. Just then Virat arrives there and Priyal and Mona gots shocked seeing him.

Virat stunned seeing Nima is serving drink to the guest. The guest says that your wife is quite lovely. Virat asks if they all meet Nima, guests get shocked. In between Priyal says that as she told them Nima is Krish’s nanny so Virat gets habitual of saying her name. Priyal whispers that they aren’t aware of Nima and she told them that I am your wife. Virat gets surprised but didn’t say anything because of guests. Meanwhile, Krish arrived with his drawing and everyone cheers seeing Krish. Keshav in between all these has his dirty eyes on Nima and even teasing Nima on the pretext of jokes.

Virat repeatedly tries to stop Keshav but he continuously flirted with Nima. Keshav goes beyond the limits when he force Nima to dance and holds her hand when she denies it. Nima asks to leave her hand but Keshav continued misbehaving with her and Nima slaps her. Everyone gets shocked and Keshav again tries to catch Nima but Virat comes and is about to hit Keshav but controls himself.

Keshav alleged Virat for having affair with Nima when Virat discloses that Nima is his wife and a member of this family. Tune in to Colors TV at 9 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay tuned with Social Telecast for more information and the latest updates.

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