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Voting Results Varun or Niroop Who Will Get Evicted?


The controversial but extremely popular reality show of Vijay TV “Bigg Boss Tamil 5” has managed to create a decent fan base. Well, it is not hidden from anyone that all the previous seasons have got a great response from the viewers too. The fifth season happens to create the same magic as well and has been garnering a lot of attention from the viewers. However, the show is slowly heading towards its Grand Finale as it has completed almost 11 weeks. In some weeks, the show will bid its adieu while declaring its winner.

Now, after the completion of the entire week, the contestants will be facing deadly elimination tonight. Yes, since it’s another weekend, viewers are anticipating the name of the contestant that will get evicted from BB house. The viewers have placed votes for their favourite contestants to save from the elimination. Well, it would be interesting to see who gets the least number of votes this week while who scores the highest. Last week, Actor Abhinay Vaddi has left the house after getting eliminated from BB5. Well, this week, the existing contestants will be tense as it would be a crucial week for them.

Bigg Boss Tamil 5 Week 11 Voting Results

The contestants who are nominated for this week’s elimination include Pavni, Akshara, Niroop, Ciby, Varun, and Priyanka. Although everyone is in danger, the two contestants who are standing at the bottom include Varun and Niroop. These two participants. Varun has only gotten an 11% vote share while Niroop got a 12% vote share. However, Akshara has also not gotten more votes as she stands at 10% only. The competition is among these three contestants as one of them is expected to get evicted this Sunday. The host Kamal Hassan will reveal the voting results at the end of the episode and will announce the name of that contestant.

Priyanka – 25% vote share
Ciby – 20% vote share
Pavni – 17% vote share
Niroop – 12% vote share
Varun – 11% vote share
Akshara – 10% vote share

Talking about the latest episode of Bigg Boss Tamil 5, all the existing contestants spoke about their journey and the path they walked. The two wild card contestants Sanjeev and Aamir also brought some twists and turns in the show and gripped the viewers’ attention. While discussing their paths, Aamir disclosed how he grew up with his mother and brother in the absence of his father. His revelation resulted in the housemates getting teary-eyed. Later, Aamir shared that how he fulfilled his mother’s wish to see him become a dancer. The previous episode of the show was quite emotional. Let’s see what happens in the weekend episode tonight.

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