Was Joshua Craig Wander Arrested? Mugshot Reports & Charges

A Florida-based leader, Joshua Craig Wander, was arrested. Reportedly, he was charged with narcotics trafficking over the mail. He was apprehended and sentenced in 2014. Joshua was a graduate of the University of Florida. Ever since the news appeared on social media, the man gained a lot of attention from the netizens. Everyone has gotten curious to know about him and thus has been searching for “who is Joshua Craig Wander” on the internet. Let us also find out some crucial information about him and the reason behind his detention in this article.

Joshua Craig Wander

Born on February 8, 1981, Joshua is a Florida-based pioneer in the investment and structured settlement industries. Apart from this, he is also the creator and president of SuttonPark Capital. Not just that but Craig is a managing partner and founder of 777 partners as well. Throughout the years, he had managed to lead the said organization and had worked in the direction of his growth and promotion. It is said that Wander and his team run almost ten businesses under the umbrella of his founding company.

Reports indicate that agents discovered 31.2 grams of cocaine inside the package that also contained a transmission device. Believing the reports, Joshua Craig was condemned for attempting to smuggle cocaine. Unfortunately, he did not get life imprisonment but was sentenced to 15 years of probation and supervision instead. However, Joshua is reportedly living a healthier and better life. It is also reported that he is not in prison anymore and is living a normal life.

Despite having committed the crime of possessing cocaine, the man’s life has not been affected. Observing his tweets, Joshua has been released from prison. According to the court record, the man was sentenced to 26 years in jail and was later sentenced to 15. However, some sources are also claiming that Joshua Craig is a fictional character. As per the sources, Joshua was arrested in 2004 for sending cocaine through the mail.

Whatever the reason, Joshua Craig has been getting the attention of the people. The man has become the topic of debate among the netizens. His name is trending on every social media platform. Netizens are searching for details about him out of curiosity. Now, reports are suggesting that he is not even a real character but we do not seem to believe it. Our team is trying to fetch more details about the person. Till then, follow our site for more updates!

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