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In the Bağcılar district of Istanbul, a person named Ali S. inflicted violence on his mother, Hava S.. In the statement made by the governor’s office and the police, it was stated that S. threw his mother’s head out the window before setting the house on fire. S. was detained while the firefighters extinguished the fire. The Ministry of Family and Social Services requested a publication ban on Ali S from the prosecutor’s office. The reason for the request was alleged that Ali was a drug addict who had an argument with his mother on the street.

Mesut Usta, one of the residents of the neighborhood, said that they knew that the man was a drug addict. They also learned that his mother had been beheaded. But they didn’t know why he did it. After killing his mother, the man set his house on fire.

Neighborhood resident Mesut Usta stated that the killer was a drug addict. They also learned that his mother had beheaded. However, they did not know why he did the act. The murderer set his house on fire after beheading his mother. A man showed his mother’s head to passers-by on the balcony. A motorcyclist accidentally stepped on his head as he fell in front of him. The man did not leave his house after that, and the police held him there for further questioning.

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