Watch: Anupamaa Episode Written Update 9th Feb 2022: Anuj Warns Vanraj

Star Plus serial Anupamaa has become the most popular ongoing show on television. The viewers are enjoying the show and remain excited to know what will happen in the next episode. Let us find out what exciting twists and turns will take place in today’s written episode of 9th February 2022. It starts with Anuj telling Vanraj that one gets rich with the number of good people he has around him. He adds that it does not matter if he has all the world’s wealth, he can not feel rich if Anu is not there.


Vanraj gets annoyed and asks Anuj to keep his lectures to himself. He says that it is easy to say that a person having a good relationship or good behaviour gets more wealth and respect as if that was the case, his Bapuji would be the richest man in the world. Anuj tries to correct him but he does not listen. Vanraj says that he is not responsible for all the problems happening between Malvika and him and blames Anu for that. Anuj warns Vanraj not to take Anu’s name from his mouth. Vanraj challenges him asking what will he do.

Anuj says that he does not care about the portion of the money he gave to someone but he will not spare anyone trying to hurt his loved ones be it Anu or Mukku. Here, Toshu has informed everyone about Anuj transferring property to Malvika which worries Kavya as she thinks that Anuj and Vanraj will try to harm one another. Bapuji also feels that it will create problems in their lives. In the next scene, Anuj enters the cabin of the office. Vanraj also goes behind him and tries to stop Anuj from entering. Anu warns Vanraj not to come in between brother and sister.

Anuj takes Malvika to the cabin and makes her sit on the chair. He brings out the business papers and asks her to sign on them which will result in her becoming the owner of the company. Malvika gets emotional and looks at Anuj. The latter tells her that she has become the owner of the Kapadia empire but she needs to understand that he has not resigned from the responsibility of being her brother and will continue to take after her. Anuj asks Mukku to use his conscience and not trust anyone. Follow Social Telecast for the latest Anupamaa updates.

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