Watch full video: Maricopa High school Student Hit with Chair Viral Video on Twitter and Reddit

There’s one different info getting viral at current a couple of faculty incident which occurred practically 2 months in the past. Whereby a scholar allegedly assault his fellow scholar in a laptop class.

After reportedly attacking a classmate with a chair in a classroom, the offender was charged with a troubled value.

Study this textual content because of we’ll inform you what really occurred throughout the video and as well as offer you a hyperlink to watch the distinctive video.

Throughout the viral video, a scholar from Maricopa highschool could possibly be seen standing with a chair in his palms and he was in an aggressive mood.

Individuals raced to Twitter to search out who the indicated Twitter shopper is and what’s maricopa highschool chair video.

The scholar was holding the chair above his head after which he smashed it on the underside of the other scholar who was sitting beside him. The sufferer after being struck did not switch and sat there with a hood over his head.

All completely different faculty college students could possibly be heard saying “oh…”, then a lady sitting there received right here nearer to the sufferer and requested about him.

student hits student with chair video
scholar hits scholar with chair video

The offender raised the chair as soon as extra over his head after hitting the other scholar’s head after which his coach entered the classroom and said,

Coach: “hey__ put it down immediately.”

The offender: “Tell him to move,”

“Put the chair down now,” the coach asks as quickly as additional with a louder voice.

“Tell him to move,” the offender answered, laughing.

Maricopa Highschool chair video:

As per the critiques, the student who was being hit by the offender moved the chair to the other place and that turns into the precept function for this incident. Although it’s not an infinite issue however it was raised on social media by fellow faculty college students.

The offended scholar then look over the digicam and noticed that his video was being recorded after which unexpectedly his manners had been modified.

Although it was a quick video however it was clear. MPD acknowledged that the offender was charged with aggravated assault and launched to his mom and father. And the sufferer was not moved to the hospital.

Watch Maricopa Extreme on Twitter films:

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