Watch Full Video Of Kirsty Buchan – A Physics Teacher At Banner man High School, What Happened?

Watch Full Video Of Kirsty Buchan – A Physics Teacher At Banner man High School, What Happened?: After trending pictures appeared online, Kirsty Buchan, a former physics teacher at Bannerman High School, was forced to leave.She has now asserted that she took on the additional job as a result of the “ zone” atmosphere at her school.

Kirsty Buchan, a physics instructor from Scotland, was pictured in inappropriate poses. Just fans The physics teacher who was featured in photos on her website has left her position after administrators learned that students were posting photos of her online.

After receiving a complaint from irate parents to Glasgow City Council, Kirsty Buchan left her position at Bannerman High School in Pellistone, Glasgow.The mother, whose page, Jessica Jackrabbit, charges £10 per month for access to its content, resigned before the disciplinary action could be taken.

Who is kirsty Buchan, a teacher in Glasgow?

Following the outrage, Miss Buchan of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, defended her actions, claiming that she was in need of additional funds because her school’s income had decreased.

Kirsty Buchan has resigned from her position as principal of Bannerman High School in Pellistone, Glasgow, after directors of education found that some of her students had shared and posted photos of her online.

The 11-year-old son of Um Wahid is slated for surgery after recently developing a gastrointestinal problem.She claimed that since then, her career has taken off. By the time she spoke with The Register, 47 people had joined up for $9.99 monthly subscriptions, earning almost $500 in just three days.

Some people think I must be crazy to switch from being a physics teacher to selling images online, said Buchan, 33. But it quickly became apparent to me that I was crazy to continue in this position.

Every day for six years under the strain I was experiencing.“I was working till one in the morning for no extra pay, and the tension was unbearable. I began to cry about my predicament because I was unsure of what to do.

Other professors who I had read about made £50,000 each month. On the job and needed to work because her ill child was at home.Then, “I have expenses to pay and a mortgage, and making the decision wasn’t even difficult.

The Glasgow City Council publicly declared that while they would punish me, they would never be satisfied. Now that I’ve told them what to do with their jobs, I feel like a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

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