Watch Full video: T Roy Oblock Last Video Went viral on Twitter – By Chicagoscene88 and Chicago_hits

T Roy Oblock died as a result of gunshot wounds that could not be healed. He was just entering a business in the South Shore neighborhood. The following are the specifics.

T-Roy Oblock was only 23 years old when he was viciously shot and died in the South Shore area. According to sources, despite the fact that there are several suspects in T-Roy Oblock’s death, none of them have been apprehended.

Although there are not many details about T Roy Oblock, he was assumed to have his own children. As for his Wiki, T Roy Oblock’s real name was James Johnson.

He was 23 years old and did not survive due to the wounds on his chest after the gunshot.

T Roy Oblock Shot To Death?

According to the reports, T Roy was well recognized as one of King Von’s closest pals until he died on 14 February 2017, after being shot in the chest by rival gang member “TB (Tyquan World).”

They all appear to be the CCTV recordings of nearby shops when he was shot. However, the images are not as clear.

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