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Nowadays, uncounted weird incidents are reported on social media, and almost every time these incidents remain a wide discussion, but sometimes it turns into a controversy as well. Yes, you heard right, on Monday chaos took place at NCAA men’s basketball match after Michigan Wolverine coach Juwan Howard threw a punch at Wisconsin Badgers associate coach Joe Krabbenhoft. Since the news occurred on social media it set the fire among everyone because no one has a right to create ruckus during any match while hitting the opponents, so below you could check the comprehensive details you need to know.

Watch Juwan Howard Fight Video Throwing Punches Viral On Social Media

As per the exclusive reports, at the time of hitting Joe Krabbenhoft, Juwan had been recorded by someone, and later, the footage went viral on social networking sites and now it is making wide headlines. Because as soon as the users are watching the video their immense reactions are coming out, as somewhere the incidents seem funny as well, which became the cause of massive memes flood on Twitter as netizens are sharing their thought while editing pictures on the basis of the incident, and this is the reason both coaches are remaining the hot potato among everyone.

Juwan Howard Fight Video

If the further reports are to be considered, initially both had an ugly argument or word exchange, and then spontaneously the mayhem occurred between the two. The entire footage has been recorded by someone while taking some pictures too, so that, their admirers could also make themselves acquainted with their real personalities. Even a few are saying that he should have been taken it as a game, not an act of personal revenge as Juwan hit Joe which was inappropriate as well. Therefore, the defaulter is receiving a huge backlash as well as uncounted people are slamming him as well for such actions.

So you could also see those memes on social networking sites as these are getting surfaced rapidly like a wildfire along with the entire video of the incident. Besides this, almost everyone is unleashing their reactions too which became the cause of heavy floods on the app. So if you did not watch the video yet, then you could watch it to know deeper, because those reactions will make you understand everything for sure. So we have mentioned such details here which have been derived from the other sources and when more will come we will update you for sure.

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