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Watch Molkki Today’s Episode Written Update 10th November 2021: Why Bhola Blames Prakashi?


In the recent episode of Molkki, We have watched that Sakshi comes to disapprove of her blames. Sakshi pretends that she has sympathy for Purvi. She says that Purvi is going to birth to their baby and thinks why would I hurt as the baby belongs to me as well. Prakashi asks Anjali if she noticed that Sakshi feigns of being Purvi’s supporter, but she has started her game. Prakashi says it would be enticing seeing Sakshi’s next move. Virender tells Sakshi to be careful while lying as Purvi has evidence against her.  Virender strictly asks Sakshi why did she do all this.

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Sakshi replies that she wants to see the proof, she wants to how Purvi put such heinous blame on me. Virender asks the guard to bring Bhola inside, guard follow the orders. Virender then asks Bhola to reveal the truth who compelled you to drop the branch on Purvi. Virender gets extremely scared when Virender points his gun at his head. Virender then asks Bhola to say the truth or get ready to die. Bhola kneels in front of Virender and begs for his life. Virender asks him to open his mouth and tell the truth.

Bhola is looking at Sakshi but points his finger to Prakshi standing beside Sakshi. She along with Anjali shocked, Sakshi gives an evil look to Prakashi. Bhola stated that he did all this on Prakashi’s orders. He further lied that Prakshi promised her money if I agreed to her. Purvi and Sakshi exchange a frequent look. Bhola again pleads with Virender to forgive him. Prakshi says that she is innocent, she didn’t do anything this time. Prakashi says she doesn’t even know his name. Bhola asks why are you manipulating your words and leaving me here alone.

Bhola says I was a fool who got trapped in your jargon. Bhola says you also said that you hate Purvi with all of your hearts. You bribed me with money and jewelry. Prakashi said it is clear that she doesn’t like Purvi at all, but she isn’t involved in anything. She says only Sakshi wants to kill Purvi’s baby. Prakashi confronts Bhola and asks him to tell everyone when and how did I pay him off. Bhola again cooks another story and continues with his words. Tune in to Colors TV at 10 PM and watch the complete episode. Stay connected with Social Telecast for more information and all Molkki Written Updates.

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