WATCH: Naim Darrechi and Yeri Mua leaked video surfaced on Internet

On daily basis, we are getting to hear at least 1 news related to the viral video. This has now become a trend to get viral on the Internet and many people are using this formula to obtain attention. Twitter has played a vital role in it as mostly the video posted here and then it gets viral on other platforms. This time as well, we came here to share the details of the leaked video and the keyword which is using for it is “De Naim y Yeri En Twitter”. Usually, the keyword helps us to understand the content of the video but this time, the name is confusing us and it is tough for us to decode the meaning hidden in it.

Naim Darrechi and Yeri Mua


Naim Darrechi and Yeri Mua leaked Video

But it does not that much tough to understand as the keyword is depicting the two names in it, one is Naim Darrechi and 2nd one is Yeri Mua. Both are popular young influencers and have a massive fan following who always support and love them. Both are trending on Tiktok as well as on Twitter due to their viral leaked video. Naim Darrechi is a controversial figure and he always remains in the news due to his behaviour towards her partners. Even before that, he went under the probe for tricking se*ual partners sans condoms and after that, he pulled the headlines of the news due to his controversial views.

Now again this Spanish Tiktoker is in the news due to his leaked viral video in which he was seen spotted with a Mexican influencer and people are claiming that both were seen doing se*ual things. The Mexican influencer is identified as Yeri Mua who is 20 years old and she is famous to several as the Bratz girl due to her resemblance to special fashion dolls. Many people are searching for her online but she has temporarily deactivated her social media account after getting accused of being unfaithful to her beau.


The report states that she is currently dating Aaron Mercury who is also a famous influencer. Ever since her video with the Spanish star is gone viral, fans of Aaron are trolling her. Some social media users are stating that both have been spotted together in Spain at the time of the party night and people claim that both are dating each other. Apart from it, one video views that the Mexican influencer was seen paying for his pals as well as the movie tickets of Naim and people are claiming that the notorious influencer is using her only for money and fame. Well, what the exact matter is, in order to know that you all need to be connected with us and we will shortly back with more information.

Naim Darrechi and Yeri Mua

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