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Watch: Quetta Video Scandal, Quetta Pakistan Video Leaked and Went Viral Online, 2 Arrested For Recording Inappropriate Videos Of Girls!


Police have kept 2 suspects inactive for allegedly blackmailing girls and forcing them to create inappropriate videos. The Quetta Deputy Police Officer (DIG) promises to call for tough action against the suspects implicated in the Quetta video scandal. Suspects face severe penalties. Police alleged that the defendant raped the women when he lured them with jobs. Hidayat Khilji, the strongest character, in this case, has been one of the highest trends since yesterday. In the ordinal month of December, when a woman criticized the police for kidnapping her 2 daughters.

Quetta Leaked Video

the Zara Hit K program spoke about the case and revealed that the accused had drunk women before raping them. It may not be the first time that Hidayat Khilji has been accused of such an act, according to a statement by the Balochistan political candidate. n Police, back in 2020. Afeefa Rao, who may be a producer on the favorite show “Khara Sach with Lucman”, shared her thoughts on major Twitter trends in Pakistan. This event was almost like the Jamia Barani incident, which culminated in November of that year and caused great turmoil in the geographic area of ​​the gathering.

Quetta Pakistan Video Viral

Balochistan’s Prime Minister Mir Abdul Qaddos Bizenjo responded to the incident, saying the episode rocked the country extorting his 2 daughters aged 15 and 19. The defendant kidnapped and raped his daughters, and the entire method was also filmed. As a result, Hidayat was released. She revealed that West Pakistan is trending on Twitter due to the nasty incidents that happened over the course of a week. “A formal request has been made to the Afghan government to investigate the cause. They said the videos would be sent to a rhetoric lab in the city center as they await a report on their authenticity.

Quetta Pakistan Incident Suspect Name, Images

Women’s access to Quetta because the girls are currently in Kabul DIG Quetta Fida Hussain personally monitors the case and carries out strict social controls on the perpetrators. Afeefa Rao further emphasized that many others were reported among these thought incidents. One such case occurred in Karachi. The incident in Faisalabad, in which four women stood naked in front of an electricity storage facility, was also a plant disease for the dignity of Pakistan. The press conferences were controlled by the local police and social worker Hameeda, but they were not. Will not attract attention.

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