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Erin Andrews Nude Peephole Video Is Still An Internet Sensation Erin Andrews Cries Over Nude Video Leaked in $75 million Stalker Lawsuit Court Case ESPN Suspect Arrested in Erin Andrews Case Erin Andrews Stalking Trial Underway Erin Andrews Benefited from Leaked Video, Says Marriott’s Defense Attorney Sports broadcaster Erin Andrews is locked in a $75 million lawsuit against a Nashville Marriott, among others, after she was videotaped in 2008 through a peephole at the hotel. According to legal analyst Exavier Pope, a defense attorney representing Marriott contended during the trial Tuesday that Andrews benefited financially from the release of the video.

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Pope questioned whether the strategy might backfire:On Monday, Andrews testified that management at ESPN, her employer at the time the video was released, compelled her to talk about the situation in a nationally televised forum before she could return to work, per Deadspin’s Kevin Draper:the sportscaster left the court in tears after hearing testimony about how many people have viewed the video of her undressing in her hotel room.

A computer expert testified on Thursday that nearly 17 million individuals have viewed the nud3 video of Andrews, a recording that occurred at the Nashville Marriott in 2008 through a rigged peephole by stalker Michael David Barrett.Erin Andrews in Tears After It Was Revealed Nearly 17 Million People Watched Nude Video of Her

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