Watch Video: ishowspeed Jenny Mod leak video | #ishowspeed banned from Twitch after playing minecraft jenny mod

Recently, one of the YouTube channels, iShowSpeed Jenny Mod leak video is being viral on social media platforms for its ban on the most famous live streaming platform Twitch, but there are a lot of fans of the iShowSpeed who are in search of the channel why the YouTube channel got banned.

As of the reports, the YouTube channel of Darren Watkins iShowSpeed is banned from one of the most popular live-streaming platforms named Twitch. According to the sources, the YouTube channel iShowSpeed got banned because of the outburst of violence. On the 6th of April, the YouTuber used some insulting words to one of his colleagues on Valiant, and the video got circulated on the internet.

After the iShowSpeed got banned from the live streaming platform Twitch, all the fans of Darren Watkins started to trend his channel on social media platforms with a request to bring it back to the platform.

What is iShowSpeed?

One of the most famous YouTube channels is named iShowSpeed, and the owner of the channel is Darren Watkins. He is one of the most famous YouTubers for making his live-streaming video game videos. The YouTube channel iShowspeed has more than 9 million subscribers.


Darren Watkins uploads videos of his reaction while playing video games, and sometimes he also uploads videos of his personal life. He is known in the entire world for his flashy, uncommon, and impatient reaction during the times when he plays video games.

How did Darren Watkins gain fame?

Darren Watkins has huge popularity on social media platforms for the kind of reactions he makes while playing video games. He has more than 9 million subscribers on his YouTube channel. Darren Watkins started to post his memes on his TikTok account after he started to gain popularity through his YouTube channel. There is one thing about the YouTuber that makes him famous as Darren Watkins gives some kind of uncommon, and impatient reactions in the videos of him playing video games.

Is Darren Watkins married?

There is no official confirmation of Darren Watkins getting married to anyone, but as it is seen through his social media platforms, Darren Watkins seems to be in a relationship with Ermony Renee, and very soon the couple is going to die the knot. Darren Watkins had announced about his girlfriend during his live streaming.

The YouTuber has not only informed about his relationship with his girlfriend, but he also announced some information about his family. In one of the live-streaming videos, Darren Watkins introduced his family members that also include one daughter of Darren Watkins. However, the YouTuber has never revealed the name of his daughter.

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