Watch Whistler village shooting Video 2 dead after shooting in Whistler Village near Longhorn Bar

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Whistler shooting video:


The brother of a gangster shot dead in Vancouver’s Coal Harbour was gunned down outside a Whistler hotel Sunday.

A gruesome video of Brothers Keepers gangster Meninder Dhaliwal, 29, and a second man lying face down began circulating shortly after the midday shooting in a busy commercial area in Whistler.

Sources confirmed that Dhaliwal, whose brother Harb was killed in Vancouver last year, died from his injuries. The condition and identity of the second victim has not been confirmed.

So far neither Whistler RCMP nor the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team has released any details. But a spokesman for the Combined Forces Special Enforcement Unit said the anti-gang agency was aware of the shooting and that IHIT would be taking the lead.

One man died at the scene, outside a luxury hotel in Whistler Village while the other succumbed to his shortly after the shooting officials said.

Insp. Robert Dykstra said When they arrived they found two men on the ground.

Two suspects both men were later arrested in Squamish in connection with the double fatal shooting.

A charred vehicle was found in a residential area of ​​Whistler shortly after the shooting. is also potentially considered part of the investigation Whistler RCMP said.

On Sunday afternoon she was in Whistler B.C. A witness at the scene said the area was cordoned off and they saw a tarp on the ground.

Whistler Shooting Twitter Video:

Said the IHIT has taken over the investigation and is investigating the incident. The City of Whistler sent out email and text alerts to residents.

Please avoid the designated area in the square for skiers. The elevators are on standby right now.

I didn’t see (the shooting) but I was in front of our store about a block and a half away said Scott Cargo of Fanatyk Co.

He said he said that to keep all the store’s customers away from the windows.

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